Xero Automation

Last updated on December 08, 2017 11:57 by Jenni E

On the 'Xero Automation' page, which can be found in the menu on the left side of the page, Settings > Xero Settings > Xero Automation, you can edit your generic mandate request email that is sent to all new customers. Each email that is sent out is unique, it is personalised to have your Company name in the email title, the main body of the email includes your customer's name and your Company name.

A full list of the place-holders available can be found here: https://help.directli.co.uk/articles/xero-settings/mandate-request-templates

You also have the option to select whether new customers are emailed automatically when added to Xero. We suggest that this is left switched on, so each time you add a new customer the dashboard will automatically send them a mandate request.

You can also turn On (or Off) Automated Payments at the bottom of the page. Every time you create a new Invoice in Xero the dashboard will automatically pick it up and charge your customer on the Due Date. When Automated Payments are switched off you can still log into your account, sync from Xero and manually process invoices either individually or in bulk from the Invoices Page.

When editing anything in this page, you must hit 'Save Changes' before going back to the Dashboard Homepage.

Once the Automatic Payments option has been switched on you have the option to filter the invoices we will process at a customer level or using the Xero invoice branding themes.

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