Mandate Request Templates

Last updated on October 23, 2017 11:49 by Amy T

Settings > Xero Settings > Xero Automation

Each time you create a customer in Xero, we can send a personalised email automatically requesting them to set up a Direct Debit mandate. This can be set to be performed automatically as we sync customers from Xero, as detailed in  this article, or you can send mandate reminder emails manually from the customers page.

You can set the format of the email that is sent from GoCardless For Xero in your Xero Automation settings page, as  described here. In the email template field, you can set personalised parameters to be replaced on each customers email with their personal information. Below is a list of parameters that can be used:

Parameter Description Example
{company_name} Your company name Your Merchant Name Ltd
{customer} This will be replaced with their FirstName LastName
or their company name if their name is not set
John Smith or Demo Company
{customer_first_name} The customers first name John
{customer_last_name} The customers last name Smith
{customer_company} The customers company name Demo Company
{customer_full} The customers first name, last name
and company name
John Smith (Demo Company)
{customer_email} The customers email address

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