Pay Online - The Customer Experience

Last updated on January 26, 2018 09:51 by Amy T

Step 1

If you have the 'Pay Online' button enabled, when a customer views their online invoice a 'Pay by Direct Debit' button will show up.

* You can change the text on the button from the Payment Services Page in Xero

Step 2

After clicking the button the customer will see a page confirming the invoice details. This includes the Invoice Reference, the Amount Due and the Due Date of the invoice.    

Step 3

Here is where the customer will enter their details. If the Direct Debit is being set up on behalf of a company the customer has the option to click "use a company name".  They can then enter a company name instead of First Name / Last Name.

The customer can then enter their Sort code and Account number, or if they have a European bank account they can select to enter an IBAN instead.

Step 4

The customer is asked to confirm their details and given the option to change them if required.

Step 5

The customer will then see a thank you page which confirms the date funds will leave their bank account.

At the bottom of this page they are then given the option to approve future invoice payments. If they do this, future payments can be automatically taken and no further action is required by the customer.

If they do not want future payments to be automated then they can just click "Not Now".  In this case the customer would need to approve future payment by clicking the "Pay By Direct Debit" button on each invoice. The customer will not be asked to enter their bank details again only authorise the payment.

*The customer can change their mind in future and click to approve automatic payments on any invoice.

Step 6

Success! the Direct Debit is now fully set up.