GoCardless for Xero - Signing Up

Last updated on January 18, 2018 11:11 by Jenni E

Step 1 - Connect to GoCardless

Simply click the 'Connect To GoCardless' button, and you will be directed to put in your username and password for GoCardless.com.  If you do not have an existing GoCardless account you also have the option to create one.

Step 2 -  Connect to Xero

This is similar to above, click 'Connect to Xero' and log into Xero and then you will be asked to select the Organisation you would like to connect. If you have access to more than one Xero Organisation these will be presented in a drop down.

Step 3 - Login Details

Here you will enter the login details you would like to use, email address and password.

Step 4  - Part 1 Select Bank Account

You must select the bank account that GoCardless pay funds into. This can be changed at a later date if you change bank accounts.

Step 4  - Part 2 Fee Account

The Fee account is where we account for the GoCardless Fees.  This can be any Overheads or Expense account with the tax rate set as No VAT or Exempt Expenses.

Step 5 - Mandate Settings

Automatic - We will email all new Xero customers asking them to sign a Direct Debit

Manual - Direct Debit sign up requests can be sent from within our Dashboard.

This can be changed at a later date via the 'Settings' menu. 

Step 6 -  Payment Collection

Automatic - The system will create payment for any invoice where a customer has an active Direct Debit.  Once setup is finished there are filters that can be applied to this via our settings menu.

Manual - Payments can be collected manually via the dashboard.

This can be changed at a later date via the 'Settings' menu.