Xero Reconciliation Settings

Last updated on March 28, 2018 16:56 by Amy T

Settings > Xero Settings > Xero Reconciliation

The the reconciliation page you can manage which Xero accounts we will post information to. 

Where your money gets paid out to" this would be the bank account that GoCardless pay the funds out to.

If you are also taking SEPA payments you will see a second reconciliation box for your SEPA settings.

Tip: The account that monies are paid into cannot be the same as your reconciliation account. If the same account is used, payments will not be reconciled properly.

Fees Accounts

Fees can be paid to an Overhead or Expense account in Xero. If you do not see the account you want to use on the drop down list, this may be because a Tax rate has been applied.  GoCardless fees are tax except, so only accounts without tax will show in the drop down.

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