Reconciliation Dashboard

Last updated on February 01, 2018 15:57 by Jenni E

You will find the Reconciliation Report in the Main Menu.

The Reconciliation Report is to help you reconcile payouts where payments haven't been applied to invoices, or the balance in your Direct Debit account is not correct.

We strong recommend familiarising yourself with the Reconciliation Process in Xero if you haven't done so already.

When viewing the Reconciliation tab, you will be able to see all the payouts received into your account from GoCardless. When you view a Payout, all the payments that are included in that payout are listed, and whether or not  we have applied the payment to Xero.

The list is ordered with the latest pay-outs at the top.

You can change the number of entries shown on a page via the drop down at the top of the page.

Payout / Fee Reconciliation

Here you can see the date and time that the Receipt and Fee details were pushed to Xero. If we have not been able to push details you will see a red x and details of the error message we received. In most cases this can be resolved by updating your reconciliation settings, however if this does not resolve the issue please contact our support team (


Each payment will be listed with its reconciliation status.

A green tick means there are no problems.

Red X 'Not reconciled' - This means we have had a problem reconciling the payment, you can click the details button for more information.

If the payment hasn't been reconciled, it is usually because the invoice amount has been paid off by other means, the amount is different to the payment we took, or the payment was not taken by our platform and will need reconciling manually.

Here are some of the error messages you might see:

"This payment was taken outside of the GoCardless for Xero app and requires manual reconciliation."

For details of how to manually reconcile payments like these please check our help guide here.

"Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document."

This might mean a payment or credit has been applied to the invoice after our payment request was submitted to the banking system. Please remove the credit/payment. Reconciliation will automatically be re-tried overnight.

If the invoice has been voided or the customer has paid twice we would suggest adding an overpayment to the Direct Debit account in Xero.