Xero Payments & Branding Themes

Last updated on July 16, 2018 14:40 by Shenka T

Settings > Xero Settings > Xero Payments

Here you will find a list of all your Xero Invoice Branding Themes.

Automated Payments

**By default this option is switched ON for all Branding Themes to enable payments to be taken when you first set up on the GoCardless for Xero dashboard.**

When you have Automated Payments enabled across your GoCardless for Xero account, you must have enabled the brands you wish GoCardless for Xero to automatically pick up from Xero and create payments against. If you wish for GoCardless for Xero to ignore a certain brand ( Card Payments Brand for example) you would turn off this brand and GoCardless for Xero will ignore all invoices assigned to the brand in Xero.

You will also see that there is always a brand named 'None' on your account, this is all invoices that are not assigned to any branding theme in Xero. This also needs to be enabled/disabled based on whether or not you would like the system to create the payment.

Regardless of Brands being enabled or disabled, if Automated Payments are disabled globally on your account, no invoices will be automatically created by the system and you will need to manually collect payments.

Information on how to Manually Collect Payments can be found by clicking here

Pay Invoice Online - ( the Pay Invoice Online column will show as a toggle option when not enabled.

This option adds GoCardless for Xero as a Payment Service for the specified Branding Theme. Your customer will see a 'Pay Now' button added to their invoice. If you have more than one Payment Service they will see a drop down. We will show in the drop down as 'Pay by Credit Card'.

Please note we are not able to switch off the Payment Service after it has been added, you will need to do this from within Xero.

If you would like to see what the button looks like in Xero please click here