Pending Customer Approval

Last updated on February 06, 2018 14:01 by Jenni E

'Pending Customer Approval' normally means that when the customer signed the Mandate form, they ticked the box to say that they require dual signatures, as seen in the screenshot below, but have not yet returned the form to GoCardless.

If you believe the customer has recently signed the mandate and it is pending customer approval due to the requirement of dual signatures, you can send them a reminder email from the GoCardless Dashboard. Details can be found here.

However, it may also be due to the fact that the customer has signed a 'Restricted Mandate' in the past. 

A restricted mandate relates back to when the 'Pay Now by GoCardless' button was available on Xero invoices. This allowed the customer to approve the invoice and pay. However, the mandate was only set up to be used once. This means that all invoices going forward would also require approval.

We always suggest that, if you are having trouble with the 'Pending Customer Approval' status, you cancel the customer's existing mandate (at and then send the customer a new sign up link.

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