Invoice Page - The Basics

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Here you will find every invoice we can see in your Xero. 

This page is full of information and has loads of features!

Sync Status: If you hover over the Sync Status button you will see when we last looked for your Invoices at Xero. If you have added Invoices on the same day, and cannot yet see them, simply click the Sync Status button to refresh and bring in any new invoices.

Invoice Reference : This is the number you input at Xero that gives the payment it's own identity

Custome: The customer that will be charged.

Status : This will indicate where the payment is in the banking system if it has been requested either manually or through the Automated Payments feature, 'No Mandate Found' or the 'Collect Now' feature, if you have not yet processed the payment. 

Invoice Date : When Automated payments are switched ON, the Invoice Date is the day on which we will send the payment through to GoCardless to be charged on the Due Date.

Due Date : The day in which the payment leaves the customers bank account, if the Due Date falls on a non-working day. The payment will be taken from the customers account on the next working day. 

Tip: When selecting the Due Date in Xero bear in mind weekends & Public/Bank Holidays.

Amount : The total invoice amount.

More information about Payment Statues can be found Here



Cancelling Payments

If a payment has a status of Pending Submission it can be Cancelled from the scheduled invoices section.


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