Updating Customer Bank Details

Last updated on December 20, 2017 15:55 by Amy T

If your customer already has an existing mandate and wants to change their bank details we suggest that they sign a new mandate.

To ensure that only the new mandate is used going forward, we suggest that you cancel the existing mandate.

This can be done one of two ways.
1. Log into manage.gocardless.com and cancel the mandate from your GoCardless Dashboard
2. Contact helpdesk@directli.co.uk with the customer details and ask one of our support staff to cancel it on your behalf. (Unfortunately there is no option to cancel a mandate from within GoCardless for Xero)

After you have cancelled the mandate we would always suggest sending the customer their Unique Mandate Request Link from the GoCardless for Xero dashboard. 

This can be found by going to your Customers Page, Searching the existing customer record and clicking on the Actions button (3 blue dots) along side their name, here you will be given their Unique Link and this will ensure that the mandate auto - matches to the original Xero record. 

*If however your customer is using the Direct Debit switching service, their bank may do this transfer for them. However this can take a few working days to be completed and may delay payment being processed.*