The Dashboard - Overview

Last updated on June 15, 2017 10:39 by Charlotte R

GoCardless for Xero, powered by Directli

Here we can explain exactly what you will see each time you log into your Dashboard.

Firstly, when logging on you will see the blue panel along the left hand side of the screen. This is your menu, hovering over this will open it up to access the 'Customers' tab and the 'Invoices' tab. The GoCardless logo in the top left hand corner will always take you back to the main homepage as seen in the screenshot below. 

The Live Dashboard

“Processing with the banks”
This field will show all monies currently being collected from your customers.

“Scheduled to be collected”
This field will show all monies that are being collected on the due dates that have not yet been sent to the banks.

“Unable to be collected”
This field will show the outstanding balance that is unable to be collected due to the customer having no mandate and/or matching Xero ID.

“Payments are Automated”

This field will show whether or not you have Automated Payments enabled. If your account is not set to Automate Payments and you wish to do so, you must go to the settings tab in the top right hand corner. Click on ‘Xero Automation’ and mark a tick in the box labelled ‘Automate Payments’ then, save changes.

“Matching Customers”
This field will show how many customers you have in the dashboard that are not already linked between their Xero ID and Mandate. Clicking on this, it will take you to the ‘Match Customers’ page.

“Reconciliation Status”
This field will tell you if all of your payments have been reconciled. If you would like to change your Xero Reconciliation settings, you must go to the ‘Xero Reconciliation’ page via the settings tab in the top right hand corner. 

When clicking on the 'Settings' cog, firstly the drop down tab will show which user is logged into the account and their corresponding log-in email address.

From this tab you can go the following pages.

1. User Settings
2. Xero Automation
3. Xero Reconciliation
4. Team
5. Help Centre

or, Sign Out.