Migrating to GoCardless for Xero

Last updated on December 08, 2017 14:55 by Jenni E

We are migrating Directli users to our new, vastly improved' GoCardless for Xero' platform. If we haven’t already been in touch, our Migrations team will make contact in due course, or you can request a migration by getting in touch with the Helpdesk.

The Migration process, for those moving from Directli v1 is quick, easy and smooth however it is worth detailing some of the differences in GoCardless for Xero.

When you can migrate
We will need to find a period of payment processing in v1 where you don’t have payments being processed awaiting reconciliation. For companies that process in one or two monthly batches this is easy, those processing daily will have to pause payment processing in order to be migrated.

Payment Collection
In GoCardless for Xero, if you wish us to automate payment collection for you, we will do this so that it charges the customer on the due date of the invoice. This almost mirrors the ‘4 days before due date’ option in v1, however the charge date will now be far closer to the actual due date. If customers have been used to being charged a few days after the invoice due date, this will change.

Payment Control
You can have payments automated for your account but turn this off on a' per customer' level, or you use our newly released Branding Themes feature, you can process payments just for certain Branding Themes. If you used the Branding Theme filtering in Version 1, you will need to specify in GoCardless for Xero which Branding Themes you do wish us to collect payments for.

GoCardless for Xero improves the way reconciliation works. We will now post the payments against invoices on the charge date, and automatically reconcile them. When you receive a payout, we will post an aggregated GoCardless transaction fee and also post the transfer to your main bank account.

If a payment subsequently fails after the charge date, we will remove it from Xero automatically ensuring the invoice remains outstanding.

Read more about the Reconciliation Process in Xero

Team Members and Partners
You can add your other colleagues onto the system and you can now also invite your accountant or bookkeeper to help manage your account, just like they may do for your Xero Organisation. 

Read more about the Partner Portal.


If you have Directli integrated with your website via our API or QuickDebit Scripts, please let our team know as your migration may need to be postponed until later this year.