Customers Page

Last updated on December 08, 2017 11:44 by Jenni E

In this page you can view every customer you have in the system, whether they have an active mandate or not and if they are linked to Xero or not. 

You can find out everything you need to know about a customer from here. You can also see when the customer list was last sync'd from Xero (this would show where the screen shot says "Updating from Xero is pending"). At any time in the day you can also click to 'Sync from Xero' and, within a matter of minutes, your list will be updated. 

From here you can also go to Xero to view the customer in full. This can only be done to those customers that are linked to Xero already. Simply hover over the tick in the 'Linked to Xero' column to redirect you to the customer record within your Xero Dashboard. 

You can also add new customers from this page. More details can be found in our Adding New Customers Guide

Customers can also be archived from here. Details can be found in our Archiving Customers Guide

Mandate Status:

Dash -  A dash will show if an customer has never had a mandate.

Red X -  This means the customers mandate has been cancelled. 

Blue Trick - The customer has a full active mandate that can be used to take payments.

Gold Tick. -  The customer has authorised a mandate to be used for a single payment.

Linked to Xero:

A dash (-) here means the account is not yet linked to Xero.  

A blue tick signifies an account is linked to Xero.