Archiving Customers

Last updated on October 17, 2017 15:47 by Amy T

You can now archive old Xero customers from your GoCardless for Xero dashboard.

Over the course of time, customers come and go. These as we all know can be archived in Xero to keep things 'nice and tidy' however previously there was no option to remove these customers from your GoCardless for Xero dashboard.

You now have the ability to archive old customers from your dashboard. It is really simple to use, just click on the 3 blue dots in the Actions column and hit Archive! 

You also have the option to view all archived customers, so for example if a customer was archived in error in GoCardless for Xero, you can click on 'View Archived Customers' and select un-archive.

If the customers is archived in Xero, and you attempt to un-archive them in our Dashboard, you will be asked to visit Xero and make the necessary amendments in your Xero dashboard first. 

Please note that if a customer is archived in Xero we will automatically archive them in Directli.