Adding new Customers

Last updated on May 24, 2017 17:03 by Amy T

If you have a customer that is not yet on either the Dashboard or in Xero, you can send them a generic sign up link from the Customers page. Simply click on 'Add Customers' in the top right hand side of the page then copy & paste the link to your customer. 

You can also send email reminders from the the Customers page, as seen in the screenshot below.

When using the Actions feature on the Customers page, only customers who have a cancelled Mandate (Red Cross) or those customers who have never had a mandate, will show the unique sign -up link. 

Remember: When using the Send Reminder link on a customer record this link is completely unique to them. If you are wanting to send out a generic Mandate Link please use the 'Add Customers' feature.

If you use the 'Actions' feature on existing customers that already have an Active Mandate (Blue Tick), the system will give you the Option to turn On/Off Automated Payments.