Add customers from your website

Last updated on March 06, 2018 15:08 by Josh G

If you are a developer or wish to add customers with their details pre-populated from your own website or system, then you can pass their details through to us, and they will pre-populate their Direct Debit mandate form.

To do this, create an array with a key of customer and in that, key:value pairs for: first_name, last_email, email, companyName and optionally: billing_address1, billing_address2, billing_town, billing_county, billing_postcode.

In PHP this would look like this:

    $data['customer']['first_name'] = 'Joe';
    $data['customer']['last_name'] = 'Bloggs';
    $data['customer']['email'] = '';
    $data['customer']['companyName'] = 'Joe Bloggs Ltd';

    // Customer lines below are not required
    $data['customer']['billing_address1'] = 'Joe Street';
    $data['customer']['billing_address2'] = 'Bloggs Lane';
    $data['customer']['billing_town'] = 'Bloggsy';
    $data['customer']['billing_county'] = 'Joeshire';
    $data['customer']['billing_postcode'] = 'J03 BLG';

Then you need to use http_build_query on the array, urlencode it and then base64 encode the results, like so:

    $url_string = base64_encode(urlencode(http_build_query($data)));

Append the $url_string value to the end of your Generic Payment link as a GET variable called 'details' and we will capture and pre-populate the mandate form.

Example URL:<<YOUR $url_string>>